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China Sewing Machinery Association visited LEJIA on 5th.Nov

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On 5th.Nov, Mr. Wu, the Vice chairman of China Sewing Machinery Association visited Lejia embroidery machine Enterprise.

He listened to reports on the development of the LEJIA company and approved of its concepts and innovation. LEJIA General Manager Mr.Sunny showed them to the machining workshop and assembly workshop.


During the visit, LEJIA 90heads super multi heads high speed embroidery machine caught their attention , Super multi-head embroidery machine has become very hot and popular for it greatly increases efficiency. Nowadays it is becomes the mainstream and replaced the traditional flying shuttle type embroidery machine for its processing range and efficiency.


As one of the leading enterprises in the embroidery machine industry, LEJIA embroidery machine Enterprise represents the development direction of the whole embroidery machine industry, we always focus on cutting-edge technology of more efficient. energy-efficient. Environmental friendly and intelligence.

An highly praise on LEJIA's product quality, technology R&D, industry status and other aspects given by Mr.Wu .



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