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Name: Sunny Lu
Position: General Manager
Contact: +86-13706857035/+86-575-87377696
E-mail: lejia@lejiacn.com
Company philosophy: LEJIA cooperation always ahead to market demand as an orientation,innovation as a logo,technological development as our trust force,and the quality as the fundamental,win-win with customer as our goal and provides fast、efficient and intelligent overall computerized embroidery machine solution for different demand of embroidery product and technique. We hammer at forging an international high-end computerized embroidery machine provider and achieving continuous innovation and development of our cooperation, leading the development direction of the computerized embroidery machine and creating a leading brand in the international embroidery machine industry.
Name: Sherry Zhou
Position: Sales Director
E-mail: sherry@lejiacn.com
Company philosophy: Every salesman of LEJIA is the bridge and link between products and customers. We are familiar with the product and market situation, strict supervision of products, check for customers. With the principle of "customer is God", in the understanding of customer demand, we recommend the best and most suitable products for customers, and give the most comprehensive and intimate service
Name: Jin Yongyao
Position: Production Minister
Contact: +86-575-87377696
E-mail: lejia@lejiacn.com
Company philosophy: We have established a complete production process in production, from personnel training, assembly methods, assembly tools, assembly standards and other aspects of continuous improvement to "no tolerance for bad production, no bad production, No bad transmission" principle, the implementation of self-test, mutual Inspection, inspection system, all products after multi-commissioning, final inspection qualified to the factory, in order to ensure that all products are qualified products.
Name: Xu Hansheng
Position: After-sales Manager
Contact: +86-13645853144
E-mail: lejia@lejiacn.com
Company philosophy: LEJIA after-sales service department is a 24 hours service department throughout the year. Customers in the process of using, if the products of our company has any operation, repairing and maintenance problems, we can provide on-site service and face to face teaching. We will visit domestic and foreign customer factories irregularly, do after sales experience survey and feedback to the company, until improving the quality of our products.
Name: Wang Ming
Position: R & D Minister
Contact: +86-575-87377696
E-mail: lejia@lejiacn.com
Company philosophy: Technology R & D department is committed to research and development in line with market demand for new technology, the vertical development of high-speed multi-head embroidery machine, achieving 1000 round per minute stable embroidery, will be in the stable quality of the premise to further enhance the speed of embroidery machine. Horizontal development of the ,multi-head molding machine, super multi-head double-sides machine, high-speed double needle machine, spray embroidery machine and other special models.


 Sunny Lu
 Add:NO.541 Jidong Road, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, China



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