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GTE‘2019 had just finished, LEJIA starts a new journey!

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    From 22 to 25 February, GTE'2019 Garment Technology EXPO International was held as scheduled in New Delhi, the capital of India. This exhibition was influenced by the recent recession in Delhi and even the whole Indian embroidery industry. Compared with the previous situation in which all embroidery machine brands blossomed, this year only several major brands, such as LEJIA&PRECISE, BABA, KSA, DUKEJIA, TFI, RICHPEACE, participated in the exhibition.



LEJIA & PRECISE with 36 high-speed embroidery machines, flat / easy cording embroidery / laser cutting and chainstitch chenille mixed embroidery machine solemnly presented at the exhibition, showing the company's brand and strength.


       During the exhibition, Lv Lefeng, general manager of Lejia embroidery machine, and Singh Trivendra, agent of Delhi region, were interviewed by Indian fashion magazine and local TV station respectively. They expressed their heartfelt thanks for the support and love of Indian users, expressed confidence in the future Indian market, and looked forward to the better performance and development of Lejia embroidery machine.

       India has a large population and strong demand for sewing equipment. It is also China's largest exporter of embroidery machines. It occupies half of China's export of embroidery machines. The Indian market is also one of Lejia's main export markets. The company has established offices and distributors in Delhi, Surat, Bangalore, Ludiana, Kolkota, Amritsar and other major areas.

        A delegation led by Su Zhimin, chairman of Beijing Yiqing Group, the controlling shareholder of Dahao Computer, visited Lejia's booth.


        Despite the lowest level in the history of embroidery machine industry in 2018, with the recovery and rapid development of India's economy, it will also drive the rapid growth of the entire apparel industry, and the Indian market in the future still has great potential.


       Since Lejia embroidery machine entered the Indian market in 2004, it has been 15 years. More than 15,000 machines have been exported to India. Lejia embroidery machine enjoys good reputation and popularity in India with its good quality, high-quality after-sales service and continuous innovation and development. It is one of the main well-known brands in the Indian embroidery machine market.

        The company adheres to the purpose of "all customer demand-oriented, innovation-based, quality-oriented market, service-oriented customer", combines the product technology of the enterprise, according to the different needs of customers, carries out "one-to-one" personalized customization mode, and provides the most suitable solution for customers. Maintain a "customer first, fast response, high quality and efficient" attitude towards after-sales service, to provide customers with a comprehensive after-sales security system.

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 Add:NO.541 Jidong Road, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, China



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