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How to choose Computer embroidery machine needle

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The embroidery machine needle is divided into imported and domestic products, and there is a great difference in price and technology. It is recommended to use the imported needle. The needle on the import machine is mainly based on the German Grotz and Japanese Organs. The embroidery machine needle model is divided into DB* from 55# to 120#(7#- to 18#), and the most commonly used ones are 9# and 11 #. It is divided into sharp mouth, small round mouth and round mouth. Different kinds of embroidery materials should be equipped with different embroidery machine needles, especially the stereo embroidery, leather embroidery and multi-layer materials and coating technical textiles, which makes a greatly challenging for embroidery machine needle by adding the increasing speed of embroidery machine.

Generally speaking, for denim, a thicker product such as leather, we refer to the mouth of the grotz, which is DBXK5 R. A small round mouth, known as DBXK5 RG, is recommended for the more delicate knitting. For coarsely knitted fabrics and ultra-thin materials, it is recommended to use the DBXK5 FG machine needle. The size of the needle has an important effect on the effect and quality of embroidery products. Generally speaking, it is better to use 9# when making a small flat bag stitch. When embroidered leather, if you use a 9# needle to add a layer of wax paper to the bottom, the effect will be smoother and can overcome the problem of producing wool. The 11# is the most used type of needle, which is easier to embroider, which makes the embroidery less broken and more perfect. It should select suitable embroidery machine needle and type according to the requirement of embroidery. It should meet the following requirements as a qualified embroidery:

1. Protect materials and have small pinholes

2. Stability

3. Eliminate the jump line and reduce the breakage

4. Precise stitch and exquisite embroidery

5. Wear resistance and longer service life


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 Add:NO.541 Jidong Road, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, China



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