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How to decorate your house with LEJIA embroidery wall cloth

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Embroidery art is as an important part of the Chinese excellent culture heritage, has a long culture history of twenty-three thousand years, Nowdays LEJIA EMBROIDERY WALL CLOTH  integrates the traditional embroidery with fashion elements, making embroidery a modern charm.


Now we will show you how to make embroidery wall cloth by LEJIA EMBROIDERY MACHINE.


Embroidery wall cloth required a perfect design.

lejia embroidery machine-1.jpg


Strictly choosing the colors of embroidery thread.

 lejia embroidery machine-2.jpg

High performance of LEJIA Embroidery Machine.

Adopts high-grade non-woven material which fixed on whole pantograph of LEJIA computerized embroidery machine. The exquisite embroidery craft with colorful pattern embroidered under the high performance of LEJIA EMBROIDERY MACHINE.

lejia embroidery machine-3.jpg

Machine Show:

Easy cording Embroidery machine


Easy cording & TCD Embroidery machine

embroidery machine with TCD

Easy cording & TCD Embroidery machine


Easy cording & TCD Embroidery machine

easy cording TCD mixed embroidery machine



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