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How to know the parameter of Looping embroidery machine Errors

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Chenille Chainstitch embroidery machine combineded both functions of looping and chainstitch .

Introduction of both functions:

*Looping functions:Compared with the ordinary embroidery type , looping is a new embroidery type, which uses single loop as a unit. Each independent loop combines together to form the stitch form. This kind of embroidery features the strong 3D effect.

* Chainstitch functions :Using a single loop as a unit , chainstitch embroidery creates the stitch form with the loops linking like a chain .


There are some parameters of Looping embroidery machine Errors for reference:

                                                            Table  of  Looping Embroidery Machine Errors
   Code of Error                 Content of Error                                 报错内容
501 D motor action overtime D轴电机超时
502 D motor over current  D轴电机过流
503 H motor action overtime H轴电机超时
504 H motor over current  H轴电机过流
505 Cut motor acion overtime 剪线电机超时
506 Head height motor action overtime 针高电机超时
507 Head height motor action over permit span 绣针位置错误
508 Cut not in  original  剪刀不在原位
541 D motor no message back  D轴动作无反馈
542 H motor no message back  H轴动作无反馈
543 Cut motor no message back  剪线电机无反馈
544 Loop thread motor no message back  松线电机无反馈
545 Loop change color motor no message back  换色电机无反馈
546 Head height motor no message back  升降针杆无反馈
547 Up head board no message back  上机头板无反馈
548 Down head board no message back  下机头板无反馈
549 Shake H motor no message back  晃环无反馈
551 Get color position value over time  查询换色电位器超时
552 Get loose thread motor position value overtime  查询松线电位器超时
553 Head height position value overtime  查询针高电位器超时
554 Knife retum to origin overtime  剪刀回原位超时
555 Shuttle is not in correct color position  换色位置异常
556 Loop thread motor not in correct position 松线位置异常
557 Needle Height Differ 针高不一致
558 Loop change color motor overtime 环绣交流换色电机超时(交流换色机型用)
559 Loop half rotation abnormal 环绣半回转异常(交流换色机型用)
600 The Current Needle position is not loop 非环绣针位



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