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How to make 3D embroidery curtain by LEJIA embroidery machine?

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Embossed embroidery curtain is a method of 3D(three-dimensional) relief embroidery. Embroidery elements integrated into current fashion technique. Exquisite embroidery patterns are beautiful and generous, easy to match with furniture.

Many customers are interested with 3D embroidery curtain and want to learn about the process.

Now we will introduce for you.


First step: Fix the water soluble fabric in inner separated 3D pantograph of LEJIA Embroidery machine, embroidered 3D patten on water soluble fabric;

Second step: Remove the small separated 3D pantograph from LEJIA Embroidery machine. Fix the whole pantograph fabric (Curtain fabric) on LEJIA Embroidery machine pantograph, By using big and special fabric clips to fix inner separated 3D pantograph on machine whole pantograph. And start embroidery. 

In this case, the whole pantograph fabric (Curtain fabric)  embroidery is combined with s separated 3D pantograph water soluble fabric embroidery.

Finally, Tear off the water soluble paper by a special process and then the 3-D embroidery is finished.

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embroidery machine-2

embroidery machine-3

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