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LEJIA-OMSATYA participated 18th SITMEX in Surat

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Indian market has been the largest overseas market for domestic embroidery machines for a long time, accounting for almost half of China's export of embroidery machines. And As the center of Indian textile industry, Surat has become the center of Indian embroidery industry and one of the largest export markets of Chinese embroidery machines after more than 10 years of development. SURAT INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE & MACHINERY EXPO is another important textile and sewing equipment industry exhibition in India in addition to the annual Delhi Sewing Equipment Exhibition in February, but the embroidery industry in India has been extremely weak since the second half of 2017. The 18th SITMEX held in April was delayed repeatedly. After nearly four months of delay, it was finally held in a hurry at the Surat International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 24-26.

Influenced by the downturn in the market, the exhibition is relatively small compared with previous sessions. The main Indian embroidery machine agents OMSATYA, KTL, KTL-PLUS, LIBERTY, SILVER SAMURAI, GOLDEN JD and so on participated in the exhibition. After a few days of the exhibition, the popularity is far less than the previous several sessions of the boom, it again proves, the current status of the Surat market is at freezing point.

Just after the end of the Bangalore GTE exhibition, LEJIA again participated in the 2018 SITMEX with LEJIA-OMSATYA brand.627/250 and 620/400 high speed embroidery machine were on display, which accumulated Lejia’s strength for research, development and improvement on the high speed machine in recent years. Because of the stability, exquisite embroidery and other advantages, Lejia high speed embroidery machines have been accepted by visitors.

In view of the current market situation, most customers still take a wait-and-see attitude.

Our agent Mr.Rajesh fed back, although the exhibition is not attractive, according to the communication with customers and market judgment, Surat market is expected to pick up in the near future, but the room is not so big.

Surat as the traditional main export market of Lejia, Lejia has also been impacted by the weak market, and the export quota has declined compared with previous years. At the same time, Lejia has gradually developed some new markets and domestic sales markets through the transformation of market and products, to a certain extent, it has made up for the shortage of Surat market. Therefore Lejia has continued to develop steadily under the downturn of the whole industry.

Lejia adheres to the tenet of “orientation on customers requirements, base on innovation, quality to win the market, service to win customers, and combines with the enterprise's product technology, according to the customers different requirements, to carry out the “one-to-one” customization mode, to provide customers with the most suitable solution. Maintain the “customer first, rapid response, high quality and efficient” after-sales service attitude, to provide customers with a comprehensive after-sales security system.

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