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LEJIA-SUNRISE New model embroidery machine join GTE BENGALURU 2018

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Bangalore is a beautiful modern garden city known as the “Silicon Valley” of India because of its developed IT industry. As one of the major cities in southern India, Bangalore and its surrounding areas have been an important market for cloth, apparel fabrics and apparel apparel in South Asia since ancient times. Today, it is still the center of Indian garment manufacturing.


From 18 to 20, August, 2018, the 27th India Bangalore Garment Technology Expo (GTE) was held at the PRABHAKAR KORE Exhibition Center in Bangalore. This is the continuation of the GTE in Delhi every February and is one of the largest sewing equipment exhibition in India.


Lejia Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd with LEJIA-SUNRISE brand, carrying high speed sequin embroidery machine, high-speed chain-stitch mixed embroidery machineflat with beads mixed with spray printing device embroidery machine, appeared in Bangalore GTE, attracted many visitors to stay, become a pavilion Big highlights.


The spray priting embroidery machine exhibited at this exhibition is a new product improved by Lejia on the basis of the model which was first exhibited at Shanghai Cisma last year. The product is the first in the world that has achieved multi-color spray printing on the basis of traditional embroidery. With the combination of spray and embroidery, the fabrics is more colorfun and can be widely used in apparel fabrics. At the exhibition, visitors were gathered in front of the printing and embroidery machine to consult various problems and understand the product characteristics. The scene was very hot! 


The models of flat high speed with twin sequin embroidery machinehigh-speed chenille mixed with flat twin sequin embroidery machine exhibited on the same time also have excellent performances such as high-speed and stability, exquisite embroidery and low noise, which attracted many customers and also won high praised.


Bangalore is the center of the embroidery machine market in southern India. Lejia embroidery machine has further expanded the popularity of LEJIA-SUNRISE brand in the region through the successful participation of this GTE, creating favorable conditions for further consolidating the development of the southern Indian market. 


Our Company insists on the "all customer-oriented, innovation-based, quality win market, service to win customers" purpose, combined with the company's product technology, according to the different needs of customers, "one-on-one" personalized booking System mode to provide customers with the most suitable solution. Insist to the "customer first, fast response, high quality and efficient" after-sales service attitude, to provide customers with a comprehensive after-sales guarantee system. 


The sales network of Lejia embroidery machine has spread all over Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan and other provinces and cities in CHINA, and exported to India, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Vietnam, more than 30 countries and regions, Now, LEJIA, has become a world-famous Embroidery machine brand.



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