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Lejia-Standard brand Embroidery machine Shine in The Exhibition

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From December 21 to 23, 2017, the Pakistan Lahore 4th Embroidery Machinery Expo 2017 was held at the Lahore EXPO Center. Lejia-Standard brand Embroidery machine Shine in The Exhibition

This exhibition is a professional exhibition of embroidery machine industry, the exhibitors are local embroidery machine agents in Pakistan, and all of the embroidery machines on display are made in China, all of which use DAHAO computerized control system. This is a grand embroidery industry event following the Shanghai CISMA exhibition in September 2017, led by the great strategy of "One Belt And One Road”, this exhibition reflects the vigorous and healthy development of Pakistan embroidery machine market. Hand in hand with the domestic embroidery machine manufacturers at the Lahore EXPO Center, DAHAO promote the beautiful and colorful bloom of China-Pakistan friendship embroidery flower.

One Belt And One Road" brings new opportunities

Pakistan is located at the intersection of South Asia, central Asia and western Asia, also is intersection of China's "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road". Pakistan is one of the first countries to actively integrate the "One Belt And One Road". The China-Pakistan economic corridor, as the "One Belt And One Road" embodied, has been planned and constructed for more than 3 years. It not only brings positive effects in Pakistan, but also is the frontrunner in the six economic corridors of "One Belt And One Road". As the construction of energy, transportation infrastructure and other projects have been steadily promoted, and the conditions for the establishment of industrial parks along the corridor mature gradually, opportunities in Pakistan economic development that "One Belt And One Road" construction brings are being reflected.



                                                         "Standard“ brand Embroidery Machine Shine in The Exhibition

Well known as their high reputaion and quality embroidery machine ,and on time service, “Strandard” brand Embroidery machine becomes the Local influential agent in Pakistan. This time participated in the exhibition. which have cooperative relationship with LEJIA for many years.During three days, the exhibition attracted a lot of people in embroidery industry to come to visit, the scene is very hot and many end customers signed on the spot.



standard embroidery machine team


Lejia Standard embroidery machine adopts latest technology:

1.DAHAO Newest Integration A98  series/15inch Electronic Embroidery Machine Control System with many new technologies made a splashy appearance

2.Stepping closed loop Thread trimming Technology

3.Integrated stepping closed loop high speed lead screw color changing technology

4.Intellectual Thread-breakage Detection and Head Combination Embroidery


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