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Mechanical and electrical principle of embroidery machine

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      Using CAD software to generate embroidery plate making samples, and the program will contain the embroidery pattern disc respectively into the computer disk drive. Under the control of the program, the computer will be replaced with synchronized coordinates of the stretched frame X, Y direction displacement amount of electrical signals sent to the X, Y, Z single chip computer the system of motor processing, output three-phase six meters, power box line motor for power amplification, red X, Y stepper motor drives the feed movement of the stretched frame X, between Y and Z; drive stepper motor with motive needle moves up and down, so that the embroidery on the continuous for.     


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      Z stepper motor through the synchronous belt drive head driving mechanism of rotary mechanism.The specific head lead mechanism and needle lead face line, movement, puncture fabric; hooking mechanism in rotary spindle rotation, the upper thread around the bobbin case with the bottom line; take-up mechanism movement, conveying surface line tighten, stitch, noodles for the next stitch line. X and Y stepper motors drive flat frame and fabric in flat motion by synchronous toothed belt and other mechanisms. Each stitch on the fabric should be sent to the machine needle embroidery, the movement speed of the needle up and down, the direction of the moving frame, the movement of the movement and the movement speed, so that the face line and the bottom line are twisted, and the double thread lock stitch is made on the fabric. When the embroidery continues, complete the pattern of computer embroidery.


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