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The "Made in Zhejiang" group standard review meeting of the embroidery machine was held on 27th October

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The "Made in Zhejiang" group standard review meeting of the embroidery machine was held on 27th October. This review meeting evaluated in turn including three types of embroidery machines: 《Computerized high speed multi-functional embroidery machine》, 《Multi heads high speed computerized embroidery machine》 and 《Computerized high speed boring embroidery machine》.


The review meeting was chaired by Jiang Jianping, an expert of Zhejiang Standardization Research Institute. The expert group is composed of Ruan Jianguo, senior engineer of Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Design, Wu Jiling, vice chairman and senior engineer of China Sewing Machinery Association, Wu Jianmin, Secretary-General of National Sewing Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, senior engineer, Lu Jianyong, National Sewing Machine Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Zheng Feixia, product manager and senior engineer of Hangzhou Hande Quality Certification Service company, Dai Binhou, senior certified engineer of Shanghai Tianxiang Quality and Technical Service Co., Ltd., and Hu Hongbo, senior engineer of Zhejiang Fangzheng Textile Machinery Testing Center Co., Ltd.


The appraisal experts examined and questioned the three kinds of embroidery machine standards one by one. The main technical indicators of the three standards reached the first-class domestic and international advanced level and agreed to pass the appraisal.

After decades of development, Zhejiang has become a "manufacturing province" and has effectively promoted the industrialization and modernization of the province. In 2014, Zhejiang Province adhered to the combination of market-oriented operation and government guidance to create the first regional public brand, "Made in Zhejiang". "Made in Zhejiang" brand is a regional public brand which reflects the overall image of Zhejiang enterprises and products, and its target is high quality and high-end.

After decades of development, embroidery machine efficiency, function, stability greatly improved, to meet the customer's personalized customization requirements. At present, the world's embroidery machines are basically produced in mainland China, 60% to 70% of the production comes from Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, the main production enterprises Xinsheng, Yuelong, Shengming, Maya, Lejia and so on.

In June this year, five embroidery machine enterprises, such as Yuelong, Xinsheng and Lejia in Zhuji, were listed among the top ten enterprises in China's embroidery machine industry.



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