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The development history of embroidery machine in 19th century

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Joshua Heilman produced the first hand embroidery machine. It was made by Koechlin of Mulhouse and sold to Houldsworth of Manchester, England, a year later.


The hand embroidery machine was exhibited at the Paris Exposition and won the Legion of Honor gold medal.


Swiss jacquard weaver Isaak Groebli is interested in combining hand embroidery machine technology with the sewing machine (or lock pin) technology of the day in one machine. His purpose is to develop a machine that can use a continuous line (around a spool). The use of locking pins will certainly bring about a complete and complete revolution in machine embroidery.


Groebli developed the first experimental prototype with the support of Mr. M. Wehrli of St. Gallen, Switzerland, because the shuttle is shaped like a boat and is therefore called the “schiffli machine” (in the dialect of Switzerland and Germany, the meaning of schiffli Refers to the boat), Chinese translated into: "Shuttle embroidery machine." The machine has 24 needles, 1 1/2 yards long, and only one needle is working properly. Reiter, a machine builder in Winterthur, Switzerland, took over the development work of Schiffli.


Reiter launched the first Reiter-type schiffli machine. The factory's production capacity is not enough to meet the order. The characteristics of this machine are as follows:

4 1/2 code length

28 rev / min

Driven by Jacquard


The first schiffli embroidery machine was shown at the Paris World Exhibition and was awarded the recognition award.


Schnoor and Steinhouse in Plauen, Germany, developed a hand-stitching machine similar to Rittmeyer. This firm has achieved success and sold 2,325 units in 1982 alone.

The most famous manufacturers of hand-embroidered machines followed: Martini, Tanner and Adolph Saurer.


Kursheedt Co. of New York imported 12 hand-embroidered machines, and Jacob Klaus also came to the United States as a mechanic.


The first export order for the shuttle embroidery machine was for the United States's Kursheedt Co., and one single was 18. This random mechanic was the son of Arnold Groebli and Isaak. Kursheedt also bought a patent in the United States.


Saurer and Sons started making shuttle embroidery machines in Arbon, Switzerland.

Another Vogtlandischer Machine Works AGE maker entered the market. It is also known as Vomag and Vomag soon became the leader of the shuttle embroidery machine technology.

Isaak Groebli began experimenting with incorporating the jacquard technology (also used for the design instruction of knitting machines) in the manufacture of new machines. This revolutionary thought and experiment led to the development of Groebli automation, bringing about modern shuttle embroidery machine technology Great improvement.


The first robot shuttle embroidery machine was operating in New York, but since then no patterning system has been available for six years.


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 Add:NO.541 Jidong Road, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, China



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