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The development history of embroidery machine in 20th century

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The development history of embroidery machine in 20th century

Embroidery Machine In 1905

Plauen and Sura (Saurer) have launched the 10 yard shuttle embroidery machine.

From 1890 to 1906, the shuttle embroidery industry in the United States increased significantly, establishing 143 factories and 600 flying shuttle embroidery machines. Most of them are concentrated in Hudson County, New Jersey, because it is near the garment industrial base in New York. In contrast, Switzerland has 6000 shuttle embroidery machines in use.

Embroidery Machine In 1907

Robert Zahn, chief engineer of Vomag, has developed a brand new automatic machine that is much better than other models on the market.

Embroidery Machine In 1911

The embroidery industry in the United States has developed to 241 embroidery factories, 1013 embroidery machines and 5900 employees, 248 embroidered embroidery factories, 1159 embroidery machines and 2500 employees.

Embroidery Machine In 1920

The fashion of fashion has used a lot of embroidery, and practitioners get the highest profits ever since. Some of the most difficult embroidery, including the Spanish shawls, is also being tried.

Embroidery Machine In 1926

Carl Wurker of Dresden, Germany, obtained the help of engineer Max Bretschneider and appointed it to design the first automatic card sewing machine. As a result, the multi head embroidery machine becomes smaller and more automated. Its prototype is only a single head, but soon the 3 machines will become standard models. By 1940, the number of 3 Walker machines (Wurker) will reach 3000.

Embroidery Machine In 1944

Tokai Industrial Sewing Machine Co. Ltd. has been established. This is the parent company of Tajima Industries.

Embroidery Machine In 1964

Japan's Tokai Tokai Industrial Sewing Machine Co. Ltd. began to produce "Tian Dao" brand multi head automatic embroidery machine.

The first Behringer embroidery machine left the production line and entered the market.

Coleman Schneider is a multi - head embroidery machine for Marco and Zangs in the United States, and the other brand embroidery machines in the US market are represented by Gross.

Embroidery Machine In 1982

In Atlanta, G+S company (Gunold + Stickma) established the G+S company of USA, operating line and playing version service. Later, its products extended to embroidery accessories and playing equipment and playing software.

Tas Tsonis and Brian Goldberg opened Pulse Microsystems in the basement. They developed the first set of pattern archiving software, network management software and data acquisition software for embroidery industry.

Embroidery Machine In 1994

Hirsch International has been listed for $8 a share. In NASDAQ, the name of the American Association of Securities Dealers Automatic quotation is: HRSH. It is the first listed company in embroidery industry in the United States.

Stitchmaster set up the first electronic bulletin board, Stitchmaster Online, which provides continuous service for embroidery practitioners.

Macpherson Inc., Macpherson Monogram and Meistergram merge to form a company Macpherson Meistergram.

G+S (Gunold + Stickma) launches its "One-Stop" ("one fix") software, which is said to be able to use nine colors on the scanned pattern without manual intervention for automatic typing.

Tultex company (a long history wool garment enterprise) workers voted for trade unions.

Tajima has developed a hat frame that can rotate 270 degrees, so that the finished hat can be completely embroidered from the left ear to the right ear.



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