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Welcome to 2017 Shanghai CISMA

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Time flies, and it is hard to hide CISMA's sheer endeavor pace. Since 1996, with the great dream of letting the world entering china and china into the world. CISMA makes its first appearance in the international image, and now has an extremely large scale of 115,000 square meters. In twenty years . CISMA is rooted in china and has a world of ion and cooperation. It achieved a leapfrog development and become the largest and most professional exhibiting and cooperating platform for the world sewing machine industry .


CISMA2017, held exclusively by China Sewing Machinery Association, is a series professional exhibition dedicated to leading and promoting the world sewing machine technology and industry upgrading. Once again, the exhibition focuses on the intelligent development of sewing machine, focusing on market demand and industry hotspots, with the theme of "smart sewing technology and solution " . More than 1 , 200 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions , as well as more than 40,000 professional audiences from more than 100 countries and regions are invited to join CISMA to carry out project presentations and requirements docking.

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To effectively meet diversified demands of the exhibitors and the visitors , aiming at first lass high-end international exhibition , a comprehensive and systematic improvement in the internationalization, specialization, informatization has been made and a special reinforcement on exchange of ideas , trade , publicity , information and technology spreading and industrial linkage has been carried out . During the four days of the exhibition , each participant will fully experience the fantastic technology of sewing machine , the essence of products , the beauty of craftsmanship and the sincerity of the industry.

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 Add:NO.541 Jidong Road, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, China



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