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What is Principles of Embroidery Machinery and Electrical

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Embroidery machinery and electrical principles:

First, the embroidery CAD software is used to make the plate, and then the plate containing embroidery program and pattern is put into the computer disk drive. Under the control of the program, the computer changes the coordinate value of the pattern into the electric signal which is equal to the displacement in X and Y directions of the bandage frame, and sends it to the X, Y and Z single-chip microcomputer system for motor speed-up and speed-down processing. Output three-phase six beat, power amplifier box of wire motor for power amplification, red X, Y stepper motor, driving the bandage frame between X and Y to complete the feed movement; At the same time, drive Z stepper motor, drive the needle up and down movement, so that embroidery continues continuously.

Z stepper motor drives the head transmission mechanism to rotate by synchronous tooth belt, and the special mechanism of the head makes the lead mechanism and the needle head move down and down to the face line to puncture the fabric; the spindle in the hook mechanism rotates to make the face line around the shuttle shell with the bottom line hidden; the pick-up mechanism moves, conveys the face line, tightens the track, and prepares the next one. The line segment of a line trace. X, Y stepper motor drives the silk frame and fabric to move flat through synchronous gear belt. Each stitch point on the fabric to be embroidered is sent to the machine for needle stitching. The coordinated movement of the speed of needle up and down movement with the direction, amount and speed of the movement of the tension frame makes the surface line and the bottom line twist and makes a double-thread lock stitch on the fabric. When embroidery continues, the pattern of computerized embroidery is completed.


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