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What is a real high-speed embroidery machine?

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Embroidery machine industry will be asked a question: Is this machine a high-speed machine? Including many years practitioners will have this question.

There are two aspects: one is to understand the embroidery machine speed has not really improved, after all the speed increases represent embroidery efficiency, but also on behalf of embroidery the factory is high. On the other hand the so-called real high speed embroidery machine understanding is not enough, by some embroidery machine manufacturers misleading.

Now on the market, a lot of embroidery machine productions in the high table list of own production of flower machine can reach 1000-1200rpm /min, with customers that achieve this speed advantage, such as efficiency, make more money, the workers increase of efficiency, and so on; but there is a fact that they won't tell you: stable speed is the speed of embroidery machine embroidery machine really work. Why not long to turn over 900? This is an issue that many cricket spend industry people a lot of questions, for example, the parameter of vehicle maximum speed of 220 km an hour, but the actual stability on the road, how much is this speed? A lot of drivers is very clearly. At the same time, many people will find that now most of the embroidery machine is normally open to 700-750rpm/min, but the computer sewing machine factory in the speed to 3000-4000 rpm/min. The same pattern is embroidered clothes, not much difference between us, why computer embroidery machine is not up to that the speed of this question?

The answer for you the answer is: can we tell the customer to the mold to what to what. How much is the steady speed we've been telling our customers of the machine, we can help them earn much profit.

In five or six years ago, the company launched a so-called speed to 1500 rpm, and later became a joke, because it is not possible in practice: a function cannot achieve this level, embroidery machine analysis from 4 aspects:

1.       The embroidery machine in 900rpm/min to more long-term operation, the machine parts hardness to meet this requirement. If forced to speed long running at 900 rpm/min, the wear degree of embroidery machine is greatly improved, life is greatly reduced, so with the rate of this also very high; so there are a lot of embroidery machines product much at the time of presentation to them to more than 900rpm/min, you in that for a period of time which one has no problem, but their private actions you do not know; very simple! If a manufacturer to you advocate high speed machine, and you can ask him to test embroidery machine

928 high speed embroidery machine-1.jpg

2.       Dissipate heat: high speed friction will produce high temperature. There are some differences between computer tricks machines and computer embroidery machines, embroidery needle embroidery machine electric hydrazones in operation will produce high friction, leading broking lines and needles, but computer sewing machine does not turn in 3000-4000rpm/min? This is the heat problem, usually a few dozens of computer embroidery machine needle to needles and to hundreds of needles, when to thousands will pause, long-term work in such needle state operation is certainly broken; but the computer sewing machine is made clothes, such as trousers from the trousers. This is where the head, just a few seconds pause again, this pause asked enough cooling.

15 color high speed embroidery machine-12.jpg

3.       Embroidery machine supplies: a lot of people know, the embroidery machine can actually develop higher, but why not? This great relationship with supplies for the current domestic. Embroidery Yarn quality is not up to the requirements, knot, friction and bending force, embroidery needle anti calendar loss degree reach to.

6color flat embroidery machine-2.jpg

4.       Frame deformation: when the high-speed machines work, the belt drive system from steady state to jitter state, resulting in deformation the embroidery frame, the embroidery machine positioning.

Real high speed embroidery machines are in the normal production of the premise, will not affect the service life of the machine.


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