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Zhejiang Lejia Embroidery Machine Show at the 18th Garmentech Exhibition in Bangladesh in 2019

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      Bangladesh is the second largest garment exporter and the eighth largest shoe-making exporter in the world, with an average economic growth rate of more than 6% in the past 10 years. In 2017, Bangladesh exported $29 billion of ready-made garments, accounting for 6.5% of the world's ready-made garment market, with huge development space and potential. It is against this background that the 18th Garmentech Bangladesh 2019, jointly organized by the Bangladesh Ministry of Commerce, the State Revenue Bureau and the Bangladesh Association of Garmentech Manufacturers and Exporters, was held on schedule at the ICCB International Convention and Exhibition Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from January 17 to 20, 2019.


      Since its opening in 2002, the exhibition has become one of the largest garment equipment technology exhibitions in South and Southeast Asia. It is the largest and most complete professional exhibition of garment machinery, related equipment and accessories in Bangladesh.


      According to the company's strategic layout of market expansion in 2019, Zhejiang Lejia Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. joined hands with our Bangladesh agent GLORY, successfully participated in the exhibition.。 


      Due to the delay of customs clearance, the exhibition machine failed to enter the booth in time. After consultation with the organizers, the machines were placed alone on the corridor of the entrance side of Exhibition Hall No. 1, which also constituted a unique scenery. High-speed embroidery machines and exquisite embroidery attracted a large number of visitors'eyes. The unique location can be regarded as a remedy for the late arrival of the machines.


      During the exhibition, General Manager Lv Lefeng, together with his foreign trade and technical team, had in-depth exchanges with new and old customers, visited some customers, visited customer factories, and had a thorough understanding of the application, current situation, development trend and direction of the Bangladesh embroidery machine market, which provided first-hand information for the formulation of the marketing policy for the Bangladesh Market in 2019.

                                  6.webp                  Lejia embroidery machines in the customer factory's long-term, stable, good operation has been confirmed and recognized by customers.


      The company adheres to the purpose of "all customer demand-oriented, innovation-based, quality-oriented market, service-oriented customer", combines the product technology of the enterprise, according to the different needs of customers, carries out "one-to-one" personalized customization mode, and provides the most suitable solution for customers. Maintain a "customer first, fast response, high quality and efficient" attitude towards after-sales service, to provide customers with a comprehensive after-sales security system.


      Lejia embroidery machine sales network has spread over Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan and other 20 provinces and cities, and exported to India, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Vietnam, and more than 30 countries and regions, Lejia embroidery machine has become one of the world's well-known brands of embroidery machine.

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