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9 Needles 23 Heads High Speed Embroidery Machine, Computer Embroidery Machine For India Market

Mainly used in fashion design, apparel fabrics, upscale wall covering, curtains, screens, water-soluble lace, children's toys, home accessories, arts and crafts and other fields
  • LJ-GX-923/400X850X1300


  • LJ-923


Porduct Information Of Embroidery Machine

Product type

High Speed Embroidery Machine


ISO9001  CE

Head number

23 Heads

Needle number

9 Needles

Head interval


Embroidery area

850*1300 mm


Dahao Computerized, A18 

Main motor

Dahao servo motor 2.5Kw

Max speed


Attached device


Embroidery machine series

Flat Series Embroidery machine.pngHigh Speed Embroidery machine.png

Chenille & Chainstitch Series Embroidery Machine.pngMulti-Function Mixed Series Embroidery Machine.png


embroidery machine PRODUCTION PROCESS.jpg


embroidery machine PRODUCTION PACKING.jpg

embroidery machine PRODUCTION PACKING 1.jpgembroidery machine PRODUCTION PACKING 2.jpg

embroidery machine PRODUCTION PACKING 3.jpgembroidery machine PRODUCTION PACKING 4.jpg

1.Sequin embroidery: 

(single side sequin, double side sequin, single side overlapped sequin and double side overlapped sequin with sequin size from 2mm-22mm). 

Easy sewing of all shapes of sequin, like round, heart, square, water drop, diamond, oval, etc. Even on eccentric holed sequin to achieve magic hanging effect.

Sequin embroidery.png

2.beads embroidery: 

By excellent combination of beads device and controller system, it works with loose glass beads of 2/2.5mm for embroidery instead of manual embroidery with beads with improvement of work efficiency and it also makes the artistic features of beads embroidery that is more brilliant, colorful and stereoscopic.

features of beads embroidery machinery.jpg

3.Easy Cording embroidery: 

With simple structure but remarkable embroidery is the main characteristic of easy cording device. It is just assembled on flat head and makes cording embroidery easily with much lower cost,Steady running of cording works by cord, rope, and sequin / bead string up to 1000 SPM speed.

Easy Cording embroidery machinery.png

4.Lock Stitch Looping embroidery: 

Lock stitch looping uses lock stitches embroidery without any falling off of thread. And meanwhile, it has the characteristic of chain stitch looping embroidery with strong sense of three-D. Compared with the high cost for chain stitch looping, lock stitch looping has much lower cost, and it also offers various kinds of beautiful embroidery.

Lock Stitch Looping embroidery machinery.jpg

4.Thick Thread embroidery

By adjustment of clearance for needle bar and rotary hook, it can work with maximum 900D yarn thread, which gives better sense of 3D embroidery.

Thick Thread embroidery machinery.jpg

5.Boring embroidery

It embroiders on holes edge after the holes are made by boring knives or needles which installed on flat head. In this way, it has both decent normal embroidery flowers but also delicate hollowed-out flowers that make embroidery more elegant, exquisite and unique.

Boring embroidery machinery.jpg

6.Thermal Cutting Device embroidery machinery

It’s easy to use for any synthetic fabric or artificial leather (P.U). With precise cutting, it works synchronously with embroidery under intelligent controlling system, and makes gorgeous embroidery.

Thermal Cutting Device embroidery machinery.png

7.LASER CUTTING SYSTEM embroidery machinery:

Hybrid of embroidery and compact laser cutting and engraving largely reduces down time of post embroidery processing and adds unlimited value and charm to the products.

Designed for engraving, layer cutting, boring, patch/applique embroidery on wide range of fabric, leather, mesh, toy, textile.For SME’s embroidery + cutting/engraving. More compact, fast installation, flexible operation, cost saving, and higher earnings.

LASER CUTTING SYSTEM embroidery machinery.png

8.Lubrication system 

(automatic lubrication, manual lubrication and spraying lubrication,Optional controllable oiling system (timer type is available ) guarantees lubrication on parts on head and hook , and safeguards the life of parts , minimizing the down time of maintenance.

Lubrication system embroidery machinery.png

9.Automatic Bobbin Changing Device 

Bobbin changing is one of the necessary processes of embroidery. Automatic bobbin changing can be finished during embroidering for all the heads which avoids the stop of machines due to the bobbin changing.

Automatic Bobbin Changing Device embroidery machinery.png

10.Emergency Stop

When something urgent or unexpected happens, emergency switch can stop the machine quickly.

embroidery machinery Emergency Stop.png

11.High Speed Upper Thread Holding

By controlling picking up of the solenoid from upper thread holding device, it makes holding and loosening of thread which greatly improves the quality of embroidery and trimming, it keeps thread on working status after frequent cutting and increases the productivity largely.

High Speed Upper Thread Holding embroidery machinery.png

12.Dahao Operation Panel for Embroidery Machine

Dahao Operation Panel for Embroidery Machine.png

ABOUT LEJIA embroidery machine.jpg

Founded in 2002 and located in Zhuji Huandong Industrial Zone,Zhejiang Province, China, Zhejiang Lejia Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd is a Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan, Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise and Zhuji Industrial Scale Enterprise. 

Lejia keeps its own way of innovation and has individually designed, developed and manufactured series of embroidery machines of flat (high speed), double sides, sequins, chenille & chain stitch, taping & cording, tuft and mixed functions etc.

embroidery machine manufacturer.jpgembroidery machine supplier.jpg

It’s one of the leading enterprise in Embroidery machine industry in China. It covers more than 50,000 square meters, and has more than 200 employees, including 20 senior engineers.

embroidery machine Business office building.jpgembroidery machine Product Identification Society.jpg

We have a professional embroidery machine manufacturing team which is responsible for R&D,spare parts producing, machine body making and complete machine assembling. 

embroidery machine manufacturing team.jpg

Embroidery Machine Manufactory Lejia has been approved by ISO9001 Quality system, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and CE certificate.

Multi Heads Flat Embroidery Machine CERTIFICATION.jpgEmbroidery Machine Applique Designs CERTIFICATION.jpgEmbroidery Machine Manufacturer CERTIFICATION.jpg

Electrical Machinery CERTIFICATION.jpg

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