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Embroidery Machine

These are related to the Embroidery Machine news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Embroidery Machine and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Embroidery Machine market.
  • 06-28
    The development history of embroidery machine in 20th century
    The development history of embroidery machine in 20th century Read More »
  • 05-31
    The development history of embroidery machine in 19th century
    1878 Saurer and Sons started making shuttle embroidery machines in Arbon, Switzerland. Another Vogtlandischer Machine Works AGE maker entered the market. It is also known as Vomag and Vomag soon became the leader of the shuttle embroidery machine technology. Isaak Groebli began experimenting with incorporating the jacquard technology (also used for the design instruction of knitting machines) in the manufacture of new machines. This revolutionary thought and experiment led to the development of Groebli automation, bringing about modern shuttle embroidery machine technology Great improvement. 1890 The first robot shuttle embroidery machine was operating in New York, but since then no patterning system has been available for six years. Read More »
  • 05-25
    LEJIA was filmed by CCTV program "Originality made"
  • 05-07
    How to choose Computer embroidery machine needle
    Computer embroidery machine needle shopping pointsThe embroidery machine needle is divided into imported and domestic products, and there is a great difference in price and technology. It is recommended to use the imported needle. The needle of the import machine is mainly based on the German grotz Read More »
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